Just do a Google search and type in the name of company

Example: Joe's water service

Our competitors often use several different contractors. Will all of them be available when needed to coordinate with other services ? What if there is a problem ? Will one of the many services not take responsibility for a problem, start finger pointing, and suddenly no one wants to take responsibility ? You can eliminate all this by using our services where one highly trained and experienced individual performs all the electrical, scuba diving, piping, filtration, and pump work.

Austin City Search  is a good place to start when sizing up the reputation of a lake pump company.

 It has been reported that Angie's List has been offering contractors "get in front" listings on their site for money - - contrary to the principles on which they were founded.

Another well known internet service has been reported in the news extorting businesses for money in exchange for NOT posting bad comments or to even remove bad comments for $$ hundreds of dollars - -  we received exactly 2 extortion attempts from this company, or participants to their site in their schemes. It's like a more primitive version of ransomware. Instead of locking up and freezing your computer, they seek to place a sour reputation on your business if you don't pony up the $$$ - - - they threaten you to either spend hundreds$$$ on useless banner ads with their business  - -  or else you will suffer the consequences.

Fortunately we have over 7 typewritten pages of satisfied customers, and many, many more we have not had the time to add to our list. 

1) Don't pay almost double for having to get your job done twice: We always are amazed at the amount of work we receive to re-work the improper, poor quality and generally shabby work of others who often times the owner has chosen first and foremost because of "lowest price". As they say "you get what you pay for" and in these instances the owners have almost paid double. Please don't make that mistake, call us first. It's just not worth the frustration of the "lowest price" guys who stop answering (and won't return) your telephone calls after they've cashed your check - - - - 34 calls and four months later.

2) Bureaucracies: With larger companies there are often several layers of bureaucracy you must deal with. Your specific concerns often get lost in the communication through those multiple layers of bureaucracy. Today when you call many companies you often only get voicemail. Wouldn't it be nice to get a live human being answering the phone such as with Ace ? And what if you could always deal with a knowledgeable and competent person who would listen to your concerns, have answers, and take responsibility for making things happen ?

3) Service work by the hour - - - the lowest rate guys often just slow down & burn up more hours: It's well known in the irrigation and pump industry that some irrigation / pump repairmen quote a lower rate to get the job but then just slow down to eat up more hours in order to make the same amount of money or more than the guys who quoted a fair and reasonable price to begin with.

4) We own our own digital insulation tester (DICT), and our own digital amperage meter (DAM). We are also experienced using them:  Our DICT and DAM on our trucks to every job site in case of the need for finding hidden valves or electrical wiring. We are experienced using it and can find items often much faster than "common laborer" servicemen.  DICT and DAM testers cannot be rented - - you have to own one.

5) Schedule 40 PVC female adaptors often crack under high stress from the strain of the tight joint as well as constant water pressure. We established a new policy of no longer using schedule 40 PVC female adaptors and schedule 40 PVC male adapters are being phased out as well. Why suffer the frustration when you can have use do it right the first time with a much higher quality product.

6) 19 points leading to our superior, high quality pump systems: We would be pleased to discuss in person with potential customers owing waterfront properties who are in need of a pump installation our 19 point system detailing how we provide a much higher quality pump installation than any of our competitors. Because our competitors are actively seeking out this information we do not make it available in print format, or over the telephone, or through email, or fax.

7) Be sure and get the most for your money: Don't settle for unlicensed common laborer(s) performing your work as with most other companies. With us you will receive a University degreed, English speaking professional on your property with decades of experience performing the piping, electrical wiring, and pump work - - - not just unlicensed common laborer(s) as with most other companies. In fact, many of these unlicensed common laborers don't even speak English in case you need to make a request or ask a question. Tongue in cheek  - - if you prefer repairmen covered with tatoos, punk rock memorabilia, pierced body parts or wearing bandanas then sorry - - - you'll have to call the other guys if you want a fellow who looks like Boy George or a Guitar Hero videogame character.

8) We created our our own custom poly pipe unspooling trailer to transport and uncoil poly pipe on the jobsite  - -  the ONLY lake pump company in central Texas with this important piece of equipment.

Our customers are picky about who they want on their property and as a "family oriented" company we share their concerns. Good advice: If you call any other companies be sure to ask them if an English speaking professional with at least 10 years experience will be on your property to perform all the piping, plumbing, wiring, diving and pump work.

Most customers who used our competitors before they found us saw the professional rarely - - only when he or she sold them the job and only at the end when he or she picked up the final check. Wouldn't you feel more comfortable knowing that your pump work and/or piping, plumbing and electrical wiring is being done "hands-on" in the trenches by an experienced professional who is an industry veteran with over 30 years experience in pumps and advanced filtration ?