The owner of AustinLakePumps.com has literally consumed HOURS of his time talking exhaustively with folks in recent days who have lost their booster pumps, only one of whom so far has decided to purchase anything from our

company (likely because most of them don't even live on lake frontage).

We have no booster pumps or pressure tanks remaining in stock, and no other contractors do either.

Our supply houses have no booster pumps or pressure tanks in stock either, it will be WEEKS before booster pumps / pressure tanks are back in stock.

The only viable solution at this very moment (which we have successfully performed on 2-25-21 and also over 3 years ago  - - - and both systems work fine), is to install a downhole well pump inside the poly storage tank.

This requires our special skills, techniques, and nuances to do it right - -  otherwise the pump get's destroyed by rookies such as "handymen and do-it-yourselfers".

Our Franklin down hole well pumps are a higher quality product in our opinion, they are relatively quiet inside the poly tank, can be setup to provide higher pressure and volume than most booster pumps, and they last longer.

We have many Franklin down hole pumps in stock on our shelves.

This type of job starts typically in the range of $4,500 to $5,000 depending on the HP of the pump desired, and we are very busy, so accordingly we do not waste our time with "whiners, tire kickers, hagglers, low ballers, and nickel &


We work mostly for customers who live on the lakes and believe me the ones we know and respect have their checkbooks out and and are gladly writing checks to get their problems solved ASAP.

This requires us draining the poly storage tank first, then entering through the manhole up top with the pump, and associated hardware.

Downhole pumps in tanks do not freeze - - unless you get a week or more of below freezing weather, extreme weather, and the tank is near empty (or you loose electricity for several days time), but either way this setup is much less

apt to freeze the pump.

Again, we typically only work for folks who have waterfront property.


If anyone calls and identifies themselves as a rep of an insurance co. we hang up the phone.

We get 50% down payment on a fixed, total price for the parts and labor we specify for the job - - and 50% balance on the day of completion, all payments by check, or money order, or cash, no credit cards accepted.

Once we get the pump installed we can pressurize up, we can see if anything else is broken or leaking and if so then that is extra $.


Cheap and Brittle PVC Pipe - - - versus our Superior HDPE Poly Pipe:

Imagine that:   A type of pipe which never freeze-cracks . . . well, no need to imagine  - - because it really exists !

Everyone who has or had white PVC piping - - it is now ALL officially "compromised" by the extreme freezes of February 2021 in Texas.

It is a waste of time and money to just "patchwork" repair those portions of the PVC pipe pipe string from the lake pump up to the pump shed which appear visually broken, because the remainder will likely start to fail in the weeks,

months and years to follow. We are not getting involved in merely "patching up" compromised, existing PVC pipe strings down to the lake that froze - - - - for anyone.

If some associated PVC piping froze in the pump shed we are able to repair some portions, but we are not currently in the business of "replumbing your entire pump shed" full of water conditioning, filtration

equipment , etc.   We specialize in lake pumps. One of our customers commented we are like the MayTag repairman advertisement years ago - - - putting ourselves out of business by installing a pipe that has never

needed replacement since we began using it 10+ years ago.

We pride ourselves in being the ONLY central Texas lake pump company which installs this premium product - - our superior black HDPE poly pipe which we have never experienced freeze-cracking. This HDPE poly pipe is fully UV

sunlight  protected (unlike white PVC pipe) and is so tough it resists damage from huge boulders caving off lakeside cliffs, rolling over it that utterly destroys brittle PVC pipe. We have 10+ years experience installing this HDPE poly

pipe. HDPE poly pipe is best suited for long runs of continuous pipe, not for re-plumbing frozen pipes in houses or pump sheds, small sections with lot's of multiple fittings such as threaded adapters, elbows, and the like. The reason

is that the fittings for poly pipe are pricey, like as much as $40 each in 1.25 inch to 1.5 inch sizes.

Also, our superior grade poly pipe is sourced from industry in large 500 foot rolls, so the newly installed HDPE poly pipe will typically only have 1 or 2 compression couplings when installed - - instead of 30 or 40 couplings with white

PVC pipe that give you 30 or 40 potential failure points over time. Among all local plumbers and lake pump co's - -  we own and operate the only poly pipe unspooling trailer in central Texas to rapidly deploy superior poly pipe at our

customer's jobsites.

None of our customers who have this superior poly product have reported to us that this pipe froze-cracked during ANY freezing weather including the Feb. 2021 extreme freeze.

 We are now giving priority on our list of callers desiring us to replace the entire lake pump PVC pipe string from lakeshore up

to pump shed, especially for any that is exposed  - - - or was exposed to the freeze,  we are not digging or excavating any pipe, we are not hauling anything

off, your hispanic lawn crews can do this haul off WAY cheaper than we could.     Many of these pipe strings are hundreds of feet long. 

If you desire replacement of your lake pump and/or your entire frozen pipe string from lake shore up to pump shed or house, call to get on our

list ASAP as materials and parts are of "limited availability" and we are "first come - first serve".

Yes, frozen plugs of ice can develop inside the pipe during extreme weather if the pump is not run constantly to keep the water moving, but when weather warms up the plugs melt and the owners are back in business, 3 of our lake

front customers so far have notified us during the month of February 2021 that this is the case - - - they were very happy indeed !

In fact, one of our customers has an amazing 1,000 feet distance of our heavy wall HDPE poly pipe running from his house to reach the lake, within 2.5 days after the final freezing day

2-19-21 all internal ice plugs had melted and his family now has running water without any pipe repairs at all.

Best of luck to you.