Terms and Conditions for

the old houses in Volente, Jonestown, Lago Vista, Spicewood and all properties out Hwy 71 (West of the intersection of 71 and 620)

as well as the "shallow sides" of Lake Travis

For those desiring a quote first in the old houses in Volente, all areas of Jonestown, all areas of Lago Vista, all Spicewood and all properties out Hwy 71 (West of the intersection of 71 and 620) and the "shallow sides" of Lake Travis - we only quote these areas for a $250 quote fee.

In the old houses in Volente, all areas of Jonestown, all areas of Lago Vista, and all Spicewood we only offer jobs that include:

1) For existing pumping systems, at a minimum the installation of OUR new pump/motor combo to be installed/replaced on existing pump systems (pump/motor replacement). Existing submersible electrical pump cable and piping may also need replacement if either tests defective, or appears to be close to end of serviceable life.


2) Brand new full pump system installs for those needing new pump systems.

We do not install "owner supplied" hardware or parts - -  we DO NOT sell parts only without our labor to install.

The $250 quote fee is to be paid by cash, check, or money order (no credit cards or electronic payments accepted) before we leave the site.

When we return to our office we will type up a quote and email it to the property owner.

(Note: By the time we add up drive time round trip to your site, time on site,

and time preparing a color .pdf quote in our office - - 

we have spent over half a day, which on that same >half a day we could easily be earning

3 to 5x or more that amount installing a new replacement pump or a new pump system.)

As marketing experts have advised us, this $250 fee has proven to be very useful to virtually eliminate the tire kickers, nickle and dimers, DIY'ers, connivers and other assorted less than desirables with "weak hands and shallow pockets" we much too frequently suffered in the the old houses in Volente and all the Spicewood areas for too many years. 

Folks who live on the "shallow sides" of Lake Travis typically have no clue how far a distance to reach what depth of water, Lake Travis being a varying water depth lake. Runs of piping and electrical cable to reach distances over 400 to 500 feet can be very pricey (although still quite a bit cheaper than drilling a water well that

ends up being salty, or yielding sulphur water, or even a dry hole you will still pay the driller for). 

Serious folks will gladly pay this $250 fee as they want the best.

If the property owners call us back with the desire to contract the lake pump to be installed,

we will credit back the $250 fee into the job.

Again, those who live on "the shallow side of the lake" should note that it is quite expensive to install pumping systems where it can require much more than 400 to 500 feet of submersible pump cable and poly piping, we have actually installed a system with 1,000 feet of both piping and elec. cable, and it was very pricey indeed.

Note: in all locations throughout the State, we do not get involved with sub-outs, commercials, 3rd parties, HOA's, general contractors, property managers, "managers", apartments, and the like.

We specialize in and only deal with the actual residential property owner(s) whom we typically develop and have fantastic relationships with, they are our "bread and butter", those who agree to meet us on their site to evaluate the property.